Kristal.AI Company is an online asset management platform that gives investors access to independent advisors and portfolio managers. O2O Technologies Singapore, founded by Asheesh in 2016, has built the core backbone of the platform. At, independent traders can showcase their strategies to all potential investors and investors can leverage an AI based recommendation system that conducts automated and regular portfolio advisory and allocation based on a consolidated view of their investment accounts. Kristal provides a platform for investment advisors, portfolio managers, wealth management teams in banks, and brokers to validate and execute their trading strategies in a secure, monitored environment. Investor money is kept with a broker of their choice and portfolio management is conducted via API connections we build with the brokers. The platform showcases in house as well as external traders contributing strategies (Kristals). These Kristals are rated and ranked based on Ivy League criteria used to evaluate Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds. Also the company's proprietary compliance engine and due diligence process ensures trading strategies are whetted and approved before being put to use on client money. Given no restrictions on geographical location of the traders, Kristal is able to have a global reach with these traders effectively acting as brand ambassadors for themselves and hence for the platform. Demo / Concept Videos
Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Asset Management, Financial Services, Trading Platform
Industry: FinTech
Headquarters: Singapore
Founded Date: 2016
Funding Status: Seed

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