Cern Corporation Company

Cern Corporation, Inc. is USA, Delaware “C” corporation formed to develop and commercialize an effective, non-drug (drug/photosensitizer optional) therapeutic treatment for fungal and bacterial vaginosis using low-level microbicidal light, administered as a small insertable device for use at home as needed, when needed based on familiar recurrent symptoms. Cern has received Utility and Design Patents, with PCT filed internationally. Cern IP has supportive “Freedom to Operate”. The device will be available in various form factors via a doctor’s prescription and will mitigate undesirable pathogen in the lower GYN tract with minimal commensal effect. The Cern Device™ addresses a significant unmet need for an effective science-based approach, not dependent on drugs/chemistries for efficacy to aid a population unable, or have a preference to, avoid conventional drug-based treatments. The device addresses a significant interest by women and clinicians to lessen intake of drugs/chemistries which is particularly important when associated with overuse of antibiotics leading to development of drug resistant strains as well as the added benefit of helping to avoid complex drug interactions.
Industry: Pelvic & Uterine Healthcare
Headquarters: Orange County, California, United States
Founded Date: 23-07-2018
Employees Number: 2-10
Funding Status: Series A
Total Funding: $700,000
Estimated Revenue: Pre-revenue

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