Impli Company

Impli is a biotech company founded in April 2019 to make people’s lives safer and healthier using implantable technology. Impli developed its first product, ImpliCaspian, and the supporting supply chain, before launching it across London in September 2020. ImpliCaspian allows people to carry their medical information with them at all times.

Impli’s vision and strategy are pivoted to the future of implantables, through the development of a range of innovative products to enable real-time, hassle-free access to health condition data from the tip of smartphone. The first of these products is a new generation implantable in the fertility space to better monitor the female going through IVF and hopefully reduce the number of cycles needed for a successful pregnancy. Impli CERES focuses on offering a more convenient+effective method of monitoring hormone levels in women receiving infertility treatment. CERES is a subdermal device and a smartphone app, as an alternative to frequent blood tests.
Industry: Reproductive Health & Contraception
Headquarters: United Kingdom

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