Joeyband Company

Designed for use immediately after birth and into the Fourth Trimester, the Joeyband™ can be used to facilitate skin-to-skin (ages 0-3 months) or to keep baby 'forward-facing' on lap (ages 4-12 months) while trying to eat or work at a table. It's a great accessibility tool for parenting, and is the perfect product to ensure baby remains secure on lap without needing to be held. Joeyband™ is clinically proven and designed for prolonged skin-to-skin care - something every baby needs and deserves. Babies held skin-to-skin are proven to have stronger immune systems, more ready to fight illness and disease. Babies held skin-to-skin are 12x less likely to cry. Babies held skin-to-skin sleep better, longer. Skin-to-skin increases endorphins, strengthening bonding for all caregivers, including the non-birthing parent. Joeyband is not a wrap, carrier or sling.
Industry: Pregnancy & Nursing
Headquarters: Ontario, California, United States
Employees Number: 1-10

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