Vidya Kumar

Vidya has spent nearly 2 decades abroad having worked in the UK and Australia managing medical practices, utilising her training as a Medical Practice Manager. She is the mother of 2 children, both born abroad-one in the UK and the second one in Australia. She was instrumental in setting up the Cloudnine Group of Hospitals and her focus is to provide the best customer care and experience to anyone who walks into a Cloudnine facility. Her eye for design means that she takes the utmost care in choosing beautiful interiors to create a celebratory mood for new mothers-to-be. Vidya is the head of Learning & Development which is responsible for creating scientific parent education programmes such as the Management of Baby Affairs (MBA) programme, which have revolutionised the parental experience at Cloudnine. For her innovation in this field she received the Dr B.C. Roy Award in 2013. She is constantly striving to ensure the experiences for mothers at Cloudnine is the best in the world.
Country: India
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