Kishore Kumar

Dr. R. Kishore Kumar founded Cloudnine in 2007 to realize his vision of high quality healthcare in India, on par with international standards. He saw a lot of deaths during his training in India, but hardly saw any deaths during his 16 year tenure in the developed world. There also saw what the “intact” survival of a premature baby means to the parents. Hence he had this dream of providing similar care in India, and is committed to his passion for scaling new heights in neonatology. He pioneered this concept of maternal healthcare in India with Cloudnine – a facility dedicated to providing exclusive and comprehensive services in maternal and child care. As the Founding Chairman, Managing Director and senior neonatologist, he has been instrumental in securing the pinnacle attained by Cloudnine today. Dr. Kishore is an internationally acclaimed neonatologist who has worked in four continents over the course of his career – covering North America, UK, Asia and 12 years in Australia.
Country: India
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