Dr. Simona Roggero

Physician, ten years of clinical research experience in hematology, Dr. Roggero has coordinated international cooperation projects for congenital anemia. As a motivated entrepreneur, she has several years of experience in MedTech and LifeScience innovation. Dr. Roggero is working on a daily basis with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, to carry out project management and support the launch of projects and start-ups in healthcare.

Dr. Roggero is passionate about life sciences, the ambition to contribute to medical innovation and social impact projects, and the deep love for people taking risks and looking for disruptive healthcare solutions. Her medical background and experience in several research areas (iron metabolism, newborn screening, congenital anemias, cardiovascular, and kidney diseases, oncology) have oriented passion and commitment to innovative solutions to diagnose and cure people with severe hematological and chronic diseases.