Sarah Seddig

PhD Fellow I Founder at Sexploratory Issues I Research on FemTech | Innovating Womxn's Sexual & Reproductive Health

Sarah works at the intersection between womxn’s sexual and reproductive health, technological innovation, and female entrepreneurship in emerging markets and developing contexts. Interested in the distribution of power, she researches into modes of empowerment through technological innovation and how gender intersects with disparities in health care and socio-economic inequalities.

As a PhD fellow, her main occupation of time is devoted to research on FemTech in Sub-Sahara Africa. Her project "Bodies of Data. The Power of Female Technology in Nairobi’s Silicon Savannah" focuses on digital innovation and wearables that leverage womxn‘s sexual and reproductive health. With a particular focus on its potential for developing contexts and emerging markets, it discusses the impact and challenges of FemTech and innovative technologies aimed at womxn‘s empowerment around the globe.
Country: Denmark
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