Georgina Ellison-Hughes

Georgina Ellison-Hughes is a Professor of Regenerative Muscle Physiology at King’s College London, UK.

Georgina’s research has been at the forefront of adult-derived cardiac stem/progenitor cells and has made a seminal contribution in the paradigm shifting work to establish the adult heart as a self-renewing organ with regenerative capacity. Her research programme focuses on rejuvenating the regenerative capacity of striated (skeletal and cardiac) muscle, particularly preventing and treating the loss of muscle mass associated with ageing and/or disease.

She has published more than 55 peer-reviewed papers in reputed journals (Total Impact Factor = 408; Citations = 2743; H-index =30 (Scopus)) and is an editorial board member of Scientific Reports, BMC Molecular and Cell Biology, PharmAdvances and Stem Cells International.

​Her talk at UA2020 will focus on the impact of ageing and senescence on the heart’s regenerative potential. She will show how by eliminating senescent cells using senolytic agents, the regenerative capacity of the aged heart can be rejuvenated.

""Old age impairs the ability of our heart to repair and regenerate. I hope to be able to convince you how we can rejuvenate the regenerative capacity of the aged heart"", says Dr. Ellison-Hughes.

Georgina was a speaker at the 2020 Undoing Aging Conference event.