Claudio De Virgilio

Claudio De Virgilio currently works at the Department Biology, Université de Fribourg. Claudio does research in Cell Biology. His current project is ‘’Nutrient signaling and control of quiescence in yeast’’.

All living cells are capable of exiting the normal cell cycle (proliferating state) and entering an alternative (resting) state termed quiescence or G0. The available body of data, nevertheless, indicates that disruption of G0-entry/exit control mechanisms is often associated with either cellular transformation, or dramatically reduced life span. In this context, Claudio and his team study the mechanisms controlling entry into, survival in, and exit from quiescence in the unicellular, eukaryotic model organism S. cerevisiae. So far, several studies (including researches of his group) have uncovered that the nutrient-regulated hub TORC1 orchestrates both entry into and exit from G0. The research of De Virgilio Group is therefore specifically focused on the elucidation of both the mechanisms that regulate TORC1 activity and the nature of the effectors that are regulated by TORC1.
Country: Fribourg, Switzerland
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